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      Chris Walker

      Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Discovery Music Server as well as the Quick Install Guide.

      ELAC Discovery Quick Install Guide

      Q1. Is a separate license required for the Discovery Music Server?

      A1. There is no need for an additional license. The Discovery Music server uses an embedded license that is tied to the Discovery Music Server. As long as you are the owner of the device you can continue using it. If you decide and some point to sell your device simply logout of the device before you sell it. The new owner will create an account and the license will transfer to the new owner.

      Q2. Where do I download the Roon Essentials Control App?

      A2. The Roon Essentials App for Windows and OSX can be downloaded from the below links. The app for iOS and Android can be downloaded from the respective app stores.

      Roon Essentials for Windows
      Roon Essentials for Mac
      Roon Essentials for iOS
      Roon Essentials for Android

      Q3. How do I use the multi-room capabilities of the Discovery Music Server?

      A3. To add a wired second zone to the Discovery Music server simply connect a different set of outputs from the server to another amplifier, receiver, or powered speaker in the other room. By selecting that output from the bottom right of the Roon Essentials application you can now choose what you want to listen to and control the volume in the additional zone. If you want to add a wireless zone, the Discovery Music Server supports AirPlay devices (Apple TV, AirPlay Speakers, AirPlay Receivers), Roon End Points, and upcoming ELAC Discovery End points. For additional information on using AirPlay product with the Discovery take a look at the Discovery Video section of the forums.

      Q4. What audio formats does the Discovery Music Server support?

      A4. The Discovery Server supports WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP3, and AAC. For high resolution audio the Discovery supports 24-Bit 192kHz WAV, AIFF, ALAC, and FLAC files.

      Q5. Does the Discovery Music Server support Wi-Fi?

      A5. The connection from your wireless router to the Discovery Music Server must be a wired connection (This decision was made to ensure a smooth user experience. High Resolution music can take quite a bit of bandwidth), however once the Discovery is connected to your home network you can use Wi-Fi to control and navigate the Discovery as well as play content to supported wireless speakers and end points.

      Q6. What if I cannot run a wired Ethernet connection from my router to the Discovery Music Server?

      A6. We have had good luck with a couple of “No New Wires” methods of connection such as PowerLine adapters and Wireless Bridges. PowerLine adapters utilize the copper wiring in your electrical outlets as the Ethernet cable. We have used adapters from TP-Link and Netgear with good luck. Of course every house different and we cannot guarantee that these will work in your home. We have also used Wireless Bridge devices which convert an existing Wi-Fi connection into a wired connection.

      Q7. I see two digital outputs on the Discovery Music Server. Are these separate outputs?

      A7. The two digital “Toslink” outputs are a simultaneous output. They are considered a single output. The Digital, Analog 1, and Analog 2 outputs are completely independent and can playback different or the same content simultaneously.

      Q8. What hardware and DACs are used in the Discovery Music Server?

      A8. The ELAC Discovery uses a Quad Core ARM9 Processor running at up to 1.2Ghz. It has 512MB of storage for the operating system and 8GB of flash for meta data storage. For the analog outputs a separate linear power supply powers two (one for each set of analog outputs) Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC’s (192kHz 24-Bit) with Burr Brown op-amps.

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      hi,just got the ELAC discovery yesterday but i have not been able to successfully use it yet. I’m using room remote app to access it but it hasn’t been able to find any music libraries as of yet. i have all my music on tindal so thought it would just drag it off there?

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        Chris Walker


        sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You should download the Roon Essentials Remote app. You can find the link in the above FAQ.


        Chris Walker
        ELAC Americas

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      What is the difference between the full version of the Roon software and the Roon essentials version in terms of features / functionality?

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      Hi, I have the Discovery music server. It has worked correctly for about four months. Recently I noticed it had lost about half of my library content and was not finding new content. In an attempt to recover the library it failed to find any library at all. I have tried to reset, factory reset. reboot of nas drive reboot of internet router.It still failed to find the library on the Nas drive or any other library on my laptop. After another factory reset roon essentials cannot connect to the core at all. In the meantime the internet continues to function perfectly. The Nas drive is happy to connect to other devices. I would be grateful for any suggestions for finding a solution.

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      Hi, I have just bought a Discovery Music Server – and connected it to
      – EA101EQ-G Integrated Amplifier
      – LAN port
      – and power
      I’ve installed Roon Essentials Remote app – both on PC Windows 10 and IOS 11.0.2

      However, the app can’t “see remote libraries”. Nor does Discovery leave an IP-adress on the Net/rooter.

      The Discovery has been fully reset

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      I just ordered mine. I assume it can be used as an endpoint in an existing Roon network setup?

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        The Discovery appears in a full Roon setup as three different endpoints. However it will not stay connected to the Roon server. It drops off and reappears multiple times, over and over. This is not a network issue (I connected the Discovery and the Roon server to the same router) there is something going on with the latest Roon updates I fear. I have engaged Roon support and they have downloaded a log from my system showing the issue. I will report back if they find something.

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      UPDATE on the issue I reported above: My system is now working and is rock solid. Ths issue was solved by disabling the IPv6 firewall in my router.

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      Hi, one question:
      Roon in the standard version is able to connect to Chromecast Audio. Is it possible with Roon essentials too ? If yes, is a chromecast device able to be connected to the same zone like one or both of the analogue outputs of the dicovery server? Thanks for any input !

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        ELAC Support

        Roon and Roon Essentials follow different upgrade/update paths. Roon Essential is cannot use Chromecast as an endpoint. But currently, it is compatible with Roon Ready devices, Discovery Ready Devices, Airplay, Blusound, and Sonos devices.

        Charles Mallari

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